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The Convention of European Students takes position about
"the Franco-German contribution to the Convention on the institutional structure of the Union"

The Convention of European Students came together at "Sciences Po" University in Paris between the 15th and 18th of January 2003 for its first session. The students have presented their conclusions to the delegates in Brussels and hope to be able to continue their dialogue with the European Convention.

Having read the Franco-German contribution to the convention on the institutional structure of the Union (Contrib. 192), the Convention of European Students:

1. Approves of the progress made in this contribution, for example the proposal to have the European Parliament elect the president of the Commission.

2. Disapproves, nevertheless, of the way the election is carried out by qualified majority voting and not a majority of votes cast, as it is currently done when the Parliament confirms the president.

3. Doubts the double presidency, which risks paralyzing the European executive, will make the Union more comprehensible to the public or strengthen the Commission.

4. Considers that if a president of the Council of the European Union needs to exist, his role should be more that of a "chairman" of his institution.



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