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The Convention of European Students supports
the appeal for referendum
to adopt the European Constitution
(CONV 658/03, CONTRIB 291)

We, members of the Convention of European Students,
which gathers 20 universities in Europe,

Are committed to the principle presented in the Laeken Declaration according to which the Convention on the future of Europe will bring the EU closer to its citizens,

Consider that the European citizens are willing to exercise their rights and duties in the EU,

Consider that the referendum is an appropriate institutional mechanism to reduce the democratic deficit of the EU and to strengthen the European public space which has been shaping,

Consider that the constitutional nature of the text of the Convention requires its adoption through the vote of the European Member States and the vote of the European citizens,

We consequently support the appeal for referendum for the adoption of the EU Constitution by the European citizens in all Member States on the same day, for instance on the day of the European Parliament elections of June 2004.

We are aware that, in the States where binding referendum is not constitutionally authorized, a consultative referendum or a vote by the National Parliament, on the same day as the referendums occur, should be considered.

We also suggest that a European referendum procedure be written down in the Constitution, either in article 34 (dealing with the principle of a participatory democracy) or in article F of Part III (dealing with the procedures for revising the future European Constitution).


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